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Baker’s Insight is a comprehensive resource for the bakers and chefs we serve. This publication focuses on the latest baking trends, techniques and strategies designed to help your bakery or restaurant succeed.

With each installment, one of our experienced bakers or field experts will help provide valuable insight via exclusive blog posts, videos and other rich media content.

Featured Video

Temperature Conversions

Erika Record Baking Equipment is dedicated to making baker’s lives easier. This includes a helpful guide on temperature conversions.

French Macarons Exposed

Join us as our host Dan DaRocha and Austin Archdeacon, an experienced baker and Sales Consultant at Erika Record Baking Equipment discuss how to produce decadent French Macarons!

Let’s Brioche

Join us as our host Dan DaRocha and Craig Kominiak, an experienced baker and Sales Consultant at Erika Record Baking Equipment discuss how to easily produce the perfect brioche rolls.

Gotchya Foccacia

Focaccia dough is a for more than just Focaccia. Watch as Craig creates a variety of different products as he discusses his love of baking with our host Daniel DaRocha.

Breakfast Twist

The English Muffin is a classic breakfast staple. On this edition of Baker’s Insight we explore a classic twist on the traditional English Muffin and Sausage breakfast sandwich. Watch as one of our Sales Consultants and experienced Baker, Christopher Houle, shares his recipe and unique twist with our host Daniel DaRocha.

Gingerbread Journey

As the holiday season quickly approaches, so does baking season. Americans will consume millions of delectable baked goods. This includes cakes, pastries and a wide variety of cookies. On this edition of Baker’s Insight we go on a “gingerbread journey” and explore this iconic holiday treat.

Expert Advice On Purchasing Bakery Equipment

On this edition of Baker’s Insight, Chris Houle, a Sales Consultant with Erika Record Baking Equipment discusses the various equipment options available to both newly formed and already established bakeries.

Bakery & Restaurant Marketing 101 – Online

Looking to develop a marketing campaign for your bakery or restaurant? In this edition of Baker’s Insight we explore how to successfully market your food establishment online.

Time To Fire Up the Grill!

As the summer season quickly approaches, the grill becomes a center piece of the culinary experience. With more food lovers willing to experiment and be creative, a different approach to the hamburger bun is explored with a bonus recipe shared!

Where Has All the Gluten Gone?

We explore, in this Baker’s Insight, the challenges bakeries are now facing due to the increased demand for gluten-free products.

Let’s Mix Things Up

In the world of bakeries and pastry shops, mixers are beyond common, they are a necessity. Due to their versatility and also familiarity with most bakers and chefs, planetary and spiral mixers are by far the most common style of mixers, and in most shops you will find one, the other, or both.

French Macaroons – Trending Upwards

More and more these days bakeries, pastry shops, and cafes are selling those small fancy brightly colored little treats we all know as French Macaroons.

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