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JAC DIV Hydraulic Divider

The JAC DIV Hydraulic Divider is perfect for retail bakeries looking to automate their dough dividing process. Instead of manually scaling their bulk dough, bakers can place their bulk dough into the machine for processing. Available in both round (DIV) and rectangular (DIV-R) configurations, this entire process takes place in a matter of seconds. Durable and easy to use, the JAC DIV is capable of dividing dough into either 16 or 20 equally portioned pieces (10 piece optional).

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JAC DIV Hydraulic Divider


The JAC DIV/DIV-R Hydraulic Divider includes the following standard features:


Stainless Steel Knives

Ensures dough is effectively divided and includes automatic retraction for easy maintenance with standard configurations of either 16 or 20 divisions.


Silent Operation

Machine operates at -65DB for practically silent operation.


Stainless Steel Tank

Ensures hygiene and easy maintenance.


Adjustable Pressure

Designed to prevent de-gassing, this feature is available on the DIV-R model only.


Flour Splash Prevention System

Prevents flour dispersal, available on the DIV-R.



Can be configured as a tabletop unit or with an optional storage stand.


Easy Cleaning

Easily accessible components to help facilitate cleaning, including non-stick knife head coating.

Available Options

The JAC DIV/DIV-R Hydraulic Divider offers the following available options:


Protection/Movement Handle

Enables easily handling of the machine.


Stainless Steel Exterior

For added durability and easy cleaning.


10/20 Configuration

Allows working in 10 or 20 divisions.

Electrical Specifications


220v, 3ph, 60 hz

Production Rate

900 pieces/hour

Dependent upon production environment and product type.

Dimensions & Weight


L x W x H (in.): 32 x 23.75 x 70.5 | 810 x 600 x 1789 mm

Net Weight

585 lbs. | 265 kg


Product Video

A brief video showcasing the JAC UNIC French Bread Moulder.

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