Equipment Maintenance 101

A Bakery Equipment maintenance guide...

#1 - Clean Your Machine!

The number one cause of equipment downtime is due to lack of cleaning. Flour, dough, oils and other particulates can build up within the machine. Without proper cleaning, these particulates will calcify and inhibit overall function of the machine while creating an unsanitary production environment.

Our service technicians recommend implementing regular cleaning schedules; outlining end of shift cleaning procedures; and scheduling in-depth cleaning during weekly, monthly and/or semi-annual intervals, based on your production level.

#2 - Ensure Proper Equipment Usage!

Prior to operating the machine, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer guidelines as outlined in your equipment manual.

Also ensure that all staff members who will operate the machine have received proper training. Lastly, be sure train any new team members that may come on board.

#3 - Perform Routine Maintenance!

Just like a car, bakery equipment needs love too! Be sure to follow proper routine maintenance schedules as outlined in your owners manual.

Also, obtain and implement a suggested maintenance schedule and checklist from either the manufacturer or your equipment dealer.

#4 - Stock Critical Spare Parts!

Critical spares are generally considered consumable parts that are subject to general wear and tear, and periodically need replacing. This may include belts, springs, rounding plates, etc.

Having these parts on hand can help eliminate additional costs associated with downtime. If you’re unsure what critical spares you should keep on hand please consult with your manufacturer or equipment dealer.


Keep Your Warranty!

Many manufacturers and service technicians have been trained to identify equipment issues that are caused by lack of cleaning or proper maintenance. Generally speaking, warranty claims will not cover damage that is caused by either one of the aforementioned.

To keep your equipment running, and warranty coverage in good standing; it is critical that your equipment is properly cleaned and maintained per the manufacturer’s specifications.

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