Purchasing A Divider Rounder

Season: 2 | Episode: 2 | Published: 3/3/2020

Synopsis: On this “Short & Sweet” of Baker’s Insight, we discuss what you should look for and consider when purchasing a divider rounder, with Carl Rinaldi, Support Manager with Erika Record Baking Equipment.


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– Hi, my name is Carl Rinaldi with Erika Record Baking Equipment. Today, we’re gonna be looking at purchasing a divider rounder, but some of these points you could use for whichever equipment you’re looking for.

One of the first things you wanna look at with any piece of equipment is the construction of the equipment. The construction of your piece of equipment is gonna lend itself directly to its durability. Is it made out of single piece casting? Are there multiple pieces to its base structure? If it has multiple pieces to its base structure, it’s likely gonna wear at those pieces, and that’s where your points of failure will start to occur. These are things you wanna consider over the livelihood and the durability of the piece of equipment.

Another thing for you guys to consider when purchasing equipment is both your production demands and the different types of products you produce. Depending on these two factors, you could be looking at a single machine solution or a machine solution that has multiple heads available to cover, say, a two-ounce roll, a five-ounce roll, a seven-ounce roll. It really depends on your product range.

This also ties towards automation. When you’re talking about a semi-automatic machine, you’re putting the most effort into producing your product. Over the course of time, and human wear, your product might degrade, as far as its stability between presses. You go to the automatic machine and then you have a machine that’s doing most of the work for you, right? So that stability across the automation threshold is gonna give you more product over the course of your production run. These are things to consider.

Now, warranty and support. Are you buying this directly from the manufacturer? Is that manufacturer in the United States? If they’re not in the United States, that’s going to add to the lead time between your request for after-sales support and them giving you after-sales support. If you are still buying from the manufacturer outside of the United States, do they have representation here in the United States? That may close that gap. Here at Erika Record, we have a parts department that’s fully stocked. It has about 90% of the parts you’ll ever need for a divider rounder, on the shelf, all the time. We have a fully-manned technical team there to help you whenever your needs arise. These are some of the things you wanna think about, but the last thing you wanna think about is warranty. Warranty is the manufacturer’s guarantee that this machine will give you trouble-free service for X amount of years. At Erika Record, we have a two-year parts and labor warranty. When you’re looking at your warranties from other manufacturers, if they don’t guarantee their machine for at least a year, that should be a red flag.

Well, I thank you guys for your time and your attention watching this. This has been a lot of fun to produce for me. My name’s Carl Rinaldi, again, with Erika Record Baking Equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our website, erikadev.mystagingwebsite.com. Our phone number’s 973-614-8500. Check you later.