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Ciberpan Artisan Belt Rounder

Ciberpan is a leading, European manufacturer of bread and roll systems. The Ciberpan Artisan Belt Rounder, is a type of high hydration dough moulder or v-belt rounder, that facilitates the rounding and shaping of sticky doughs that have a higher than average water content. This belt style dough moulder is perfect when baking artisan and rustic breads.

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Ciberpan Artisan Dough Moulder


The Ciberpan Artisan Belt Rounder includes the following standard features:


Suitable for high hydration doughs


Long Belt

Standard belt length of 1400mm.


Adjustable Angle

Angle between the bands is adjustable depending on the size of the dough portions that are in need of rounding.


Suitable for pieces of dough up to 3lbs.

Available Options

The Ciberpan Artisan Belt Rounder can be equipped with the following available options:


Flour Sifter


Extra Length Belt

1900mm length

Electrical Specifications


3ph, 60Hz

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