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Ciberpan Telera Moulder

Ciberpan is a leading, European manufacturer of bread and roll systems. The Ciberpan Telera Moulder is perfect for producing Telera or Portuguese Rolls. First, scaled dough is processed through the press, creating an oval shape. Next, the dough passes through the adjustable marking rollers, which provide two longitudinal line markings that are distinctive to Telera Rolls. The machine can also be easily adapted for Portuguese Roll production.

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Ciberpan Telera Moulder

Formadora de Telera

Para formar el pan de telera se debe cargar en la máquina una porción de masa con forma aproximadamente redonda. En la entrada la máquina dispone de una prensa que permite obtener una pieza aproximadamente ovalada. Posteriormente las piezas pasan por un rodillo aplanador de altura regulable que permite obtener la forma básica de la telera. Finalmente con dos rodillos también de altura ajustable, podemos realizar las dos marcas longitudinales que caracterizan la telera mexicana. Parrilla protectora en acero inoxidable. Manejo y mantenimiento sencillo.

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The Ciberpan Telera Moulder includes the following standard features:


Easily Adjustable

Easily adjust both the rollers and the amount of pressure applied to the product.



Easily reconfigure machines to go from Telera production to Portuguese Roll production.


Non-Stick Rollers


Stainless Steel Covering


Weight Range

1 oz. – 8 oz. | 28g – 226g per piece


Easy Operation

Easy to use and maintain.


Pre-Moulding Press and Centering System

Allows you to load dough via a conveyor system while simultaneously pre-moulding and centering the product on the conveyor belt to ensure markings are uniformly placed each and every time.


Use Standalone or in Product Line

This equipment can be used as a standalone piece or incorporated into a complete bread production line.

Available Options


Two Row Model

Double production output for high volume facilities.

Production Rates

Single Row

1,800 pieces/hour

Two Row

3,600 pieces/hour

Electrical Specifications


3ph, 60Hz


Business Hours

We're here to serve you. Our business hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

1 Amazing Telera & Portuguese Roll Moulder