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Ciberpan Volumetric Dough Divider

Ciberpan is a leading, European manufacturer of bread and roll systems. The Ciberpan Automatic Dough Divider Mod. 93, is a volumetric divider suitable for dividing various types of dough. This dough divider utilizes a piston based system that divides dough into a predetermined weight range. This helps ensure a more accurate weight range of the portioned dough.

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The Ciberpan Volumetric Dough Divider includes the following standard features:


High Accuracy

Extremely accurate dividing with a 2% +/- range when using fresh dough without fermentation.


Suitable for Bread Dough

Typical composition includes: wheat flour, water, salt and yeast. For other ingredients please call our office.


Hydrated Doughs

Suitable for both dividing and rounding of dough with a water content of 50% – 60%. Hydration level can be even higher (65% +) when dividing only.


Piece Counter

Built in piece counter allows bakers to set the number of divided dough pieces they wish to have made.


Lubrication System

With minimal consumption.


Teflon Coating

Both the stainless steel hopper and rounding mechanism feature a non-stick teflon coating.


Adjustable Rounding

Rounding can be adjusted to achieve better results.


Stainless Steel Construction

For easy cleaning, durability and sanitation.


PVC Conveyor Belt


Flour Sprinkler

Available Options

The Ciberpan Volumetric Dough Divider can be equipped with the following available options:


Additional Hoppers

Available in: 80, 150, 200 and 250L varieties.


Motorized Conveyor Belt

Enables an increased weight capacity, up to double the maximum weight.


Weight Regulator

Via motor controlled action.


Various Piston Options

In addition to the standard, single piston model, multiple options available including: 2, 3, 4 and 5. Please note that the maximum diameter of pistons decreases as the number of pistons increases.


Automatic Speed Control

Via frequency inverter.

Electrical Specifications


3ph, 60Hz

Production Rate


1,000 - 2,400 pieces/hour

Dough Specifications

Below are weight specifications for un-fermented dough that has been processed by the Ciberpan Volumetric Divider.

Piston Diameter
Minimum Weight
Maximum Weight
(ounces and pounds)
1.57 0.53 5.26 oz.
2.36 0.70 7.05 oz.
3.15 0.88 10.58 oz.
3.54 1.06 14.11 oz.
4.33 1.76 1.32 lbs.
4.72 2.82 2.11 lbs.
5.31 4.94 2.87 lbs.
5.90 7.05 3.75 lbs.
6.30 12.34 4.41 lbs.

Piston Specifications

Ideal for high volume production bakeries, our volumetric dividers are made with multiple pistons, so that output can be increased. As previously mentioned, the maximum diameters of the pistons depends on the number of pistons.

Maximum Weight (oz.)
2 4,800 14.11
3 7,200 10.58
4 9,600 10.58
5 12,000 7.05

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