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Makeup Tables & Production Lines

We are proud to be an official U.S. Distributor of Canol!

Canol Line Makeup Line

Canol is a leading manufacturer of bread and pastry automatic lines. The Canol Line is an automatic and flexible solution to produce a large range of products including puff pastry, Danish, croissant, and other yeasted doughs.

The Canol Line makeup table provides a modular and flexible variety of options to cut, fill, fold, and decorate. With table lengths ranging from 18 feet (5.5 meters) to 32.5 feet (9.9 meters) the Canol Line can provide the desired production today with anticipation of expanding your product line up at a later date. For more information, please call our bakery equipment sales office and showroom at: 800.682.8203 or click here.

Canol Makeup Line


The Canolino Makeup Line has the following features:


Stainless Steel Construction


User Friendly Interface

This machine features simple to use, programmable touch screen controls.



Quickly change between various accessories.


Enhanced Mobility

Table is fitted with casters for easy mobility within your facility.

Available Accessories

The Canol Canolino Makeup Line offers the following available add-on accessories:


Electric Depositors

Various options available


Independent Gauging Roller


Retracting Panning Unit


Revolving Upperbelt


Scrap Recovery Belt


Wire Mesh Conveyor

Available with rotating disks and seed or sugar dispenser.


Various Attachments

An assortment of strip cutters, decorative and guillotine dies, as well as flipping and folding attachments are available for your specific production needs.


Dimensions for the Canol Canolino Makeup Line vary according to model and add-on accessories incorporated into the line. Please refer to the diagram below for a comprehensive overview of both configurations and dimensions.

Canol Line Dimensions

Technical Specifications

Below are technical specifications for various components of the Canol Canolino Makeup Line.

Conveyor Belts


Conveyor Belt Width

650 mm | 25 9/16 in.


Conveyor Belt Length

Model 5500: 5500 mm | 216 9/16 in.

Model 6500: 6500 mm | 256 in.

Model 7500: 7500 mm | 295 1/4 in.

Model 6500: 8500 mm | 334 5/8 in.

Conveyor Belt Speed

0 – 8 meters (yards)/minute



Useful Width

580 mm | 22 13/16 in.


Minimum Cutting Length

10 mm | 3/8 in.

Maximum Number of Strokes



Hopper Capacity

50L | 13 gal.

Operational Modes

Depositors are capable of running in either spot, intermittent, or continuous modes.

Filling Quantity

5 – 60g | .25 – 2 oz.

Cutting Die


Maximum Die Width

580 mm | 22 13/16 in.


Maximum Die Length

Single: 200 mm | 7 7/8 in.

Double: 300 mm | 13 3/4 in.

Maximum Number of Strokes



Maximum Dough Thickness

15 mm | 9/16 in.


Product Video

A brief video showcasing the Canol Makeup Line.

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