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Traymatic Cookie Machine

The Traymatic is a leading Cookie Machine manufactured by Deighton. This versatile machine combines a Formatic Cookie Machine with an innovative traying system.

Designed for continuous production within the Baking industry, the Traymatic Cookie Machine provides an affordable solution for bakeries and bake shops.

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Traymatic Cookie Machine


The Deighton Traymatic Cookie Machine includes the following standard features:



this cookie machine is also used to form meat, fish, potato, vegetable, butter, cheese, and other baking/confectionery products.


Accurate variable portion control


Programmable, automatic operation


Innovative product panning/traying system


Interchangeable Drums

Create a wide variety of cookies types and shapes with a near limitless amount of drum options.

Available Options

The Erika Record Deighton Traymatic Cookie Machine offers the following available options:


Automatic wire cleaning


Automatic Papering


Various sized hoppers


Additional Drums

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications for the Deighton Traymatic Cookie Machine are as follows:

220v, 3ph, 60Hz

Production Rate

Production rates for the Traymatic is as follows:

3,000 pieces/hour

Depending on operator and production flow efficiency

Approvals & Certifications

The Deighton Traymatic Cookie Machine has the following certification:


Product Video

Video of the Traymatic Cookie Machine in action.

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1 Amazing Auto-Panning Cookie Machine, With Limitless Drum Options