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It's Not Just a Divider/Rounder, It's an Erika Record!

EASY Divider/Rounder

The Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder offers superior rounding, durability, and increased production for bakeries and foodservice operations. This particular model also features automated lowering of the knife head assembly.

Simply insert your rounding plate with dough into the machine. Then, press both dual safety buttons on the control panel to lower the knife head onto the rounding plate. Once the first indicator light at the top of the machine has turned yellow, cut your dough into the number of desired portions by pulling the cutting handle. You will then see the second indicator light turn green. Lastly, pull the rounding handle to form perfectly round dough balls. This entire process takes place in a matter of seconds, with less physical strain on your production staff.

This particular model also provides greater flexibility with standard removable, interchangeable knife heads. This allows you to create different types of rolls with varying weight ranges and sizes in the same machine.

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Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder


The Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder include the following standard features:


Completely removable, interchangeable and washable knife head assemblies


Three lightweight, sanitary rounding plates are included


Rounding mechanism runs in oil bath for absolutely smooth, quiet and long-lasting operation


Sanitary cutting knives


No oil in or above product zone


Round as long as needed


Automated lowering of the knife head assembly via dual safety buttons on the control panel


Ships with necessary oil, which is required for the rounding mechanism


Pressure on dough is adjustable


Easy weight adjustment


Minimal maintenance required

Available Options

The Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder offer the following available options:


Additional removable, interchangeable and washable knife head assemblies

To accommodate processing of additional weight ranges.


Custom electrical configurations are available upon request

Availability varies by model. Inquire with your specific requirements to learn more.


MINI configuration, resulting in a non-interchangeable machine perfect for smaller rolls

56 part configuration, capable of making rolls that are .28 – .56 oz. (8 – 16g).


The Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder are made of high quality, durable materials designed to last. This includes:

Finished with lead free enamel paint

Double bearing rounding plate drive-train

Head covers are made of thermoplastic material

Located in the front and rear of the machine. These covers are durable, impact resistant, and shatter proof; snapping on and off for easy cleaning.

Head can be tilted for easy cleaning

Easy to remove dough entrapment ring

Teflon coated knife head assembly

Perfect for high hydration, “sticky” dough types

Sturdy cast iron construction

Base, gear housing, knife frame and arch are made of sturdy cast iron

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications for the Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder are as follows:

220v, 3ph, 60hz, 5 amps

Standard configuration

Thermal overload protector

12 foot power cord included

Production Rate

5,500 - 8,500 pieces/hour

Depending upon operator efficiency and production flow

Approvals & Certifications

Erika Record is proud to maintain the following certifications for our EASY Divider/Rounder:

Shipping Weight & Dimensions

The shipping weight and dimensions for the Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder are as follows:

Erika Record EASY Divider Rounder Shipping Weight & Dimensions

Weight Ranges

Relevant weights and dimensions for the EASY Divider/Rounder model are as follows:

Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder Weight Ranges

*Models 10/25 RH, 9/21 RH, & 5/18 RH are a different diameter

These head models have a different diameter than our standard offerings. To be interchangeable, the dough entrapment ring must also be changed and additional modifications must be performed to the machine at the time of purchase.


**MINI Model

The MINI model is always a fixed head machine and cannot be interchanged with other available head models, regardless of machine type.

Knife Head Availability

Below is a chart outlining knife head availability for all of our Divider/Rounder models. All of our available knife head assemblies are compatible with our EASY Divider/Rounder model.

Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder Knife Head Availability


Available Divider/Rounder Models

The Erika Record Divider/Rounder is available in varying level of automations. This includes the Semi RH (Removable Head), Easy, Easy Plus, Full, and Full Classic, as well as our Hand Divider. In addition, we also have an available Quadro Series configuration that enables the end user to create round, square and/or rectangular dough pieces.

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Available Knife Head Configurations

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