Finding Success During Coronavirus

Glenda’s Kitchen was able to find success during the coronavirus outbreak by leveraging its production equipment as well as an online storefront and wholesale distribution network to maintain business operations. While their online storefront and wholesale distribution channels provided much-needed sales, their investment in production equipment ensured that they could meet this demand.

“Glenda’s Kitchen is a Gluten-Free Organic & Non-GMO Cookies company! We distribute our delicious cookies throughout NJ NY & CA. During this crazy time, we only have one employee on the production floor at a time to maintain “social distancing”. We have been super busy during the pandemic because all the stores are very busy. Thanks to our Formatic, we are able to get all our orders out fast and efficiently! We don’t know how we would have done it without it, we would be going crazy!” – Carmen, @glendaskitchen

Meet Glenda’s Kitchen

Glenda’s Kitchen was founded in 2014 by Carmen Petruzzelli using her mother’s recipe gluten-free recipe, made for her sister Sofia who was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and had to eat a gluten-free diet. Today, Glenda’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of gluten-free cookies to clients in her NJ store-front as well as online!

Glenda’s Kitchen
864 Rte 36
Leonardo, NJ 07737

Featured Equipment

Deighton | Formatic

Production: Retail & Wholesale

Wire-release cookie machine for doughs with and without large particulates, capable of producing custom shapes.