Develop An Equipment SOP Checklist

Commonly used in larger organizations, an SOP is a document that outlines Standard Operating Procedures. This can refer to a particular task, piece of equipment, or even how certain aspects/departments within the business operate.

In terms of equipment, an SOP can be developed after reviewing the equipment manual to ensure that your team properly uses, cleans, and maintains this piece of equipment. This can be developed both with the manufacturer’s recommendations and your company structure in-mind.

From this SOP you can create easy to reference guides and checklists that can help your team implement the overall objective of maximizing your investment in equipment as well as streamlining operations to achieve greater efficiency on the production floor. These guides can then be laminated and safely attached to machines or nearby walls for easy access.

Some examples of helpful checklists and outlines include:

  • Typical operating instructions for the equipment
  • Typical troubleshooting tips for operating the equipment
  • Recommended daily cleaning instructions
  • Recommended maintenance guidelines
  • General safety precautions when using the specified piece of equipment

While the above serves as a suggestion of covered topics it’s also important to consider what would be beneficial to your team. These checklists should also help address pain-points that frequently require manager/supervisor intervention. The goal is to improve efficiency and minimize production downtime.