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It's Not Just a Divider/Rounder, It's an Erika Record!


The Erika Record Hand Divider is a simple, durable and efficient solution for dividing large quantities of dough into smaller pieces.

This is ideal for rapidly portioning bagel, cookie, pie, pizza and sweet doughs. Manual portioning methods would require you to scale each desired portion individually. However, with our Hand Divider, you can quickly scale a large portion of dough and divide it into 15 or 36 equally portioned pieces.

Operation is easy and simple. First, weight a large portion of dough and evenly spread it within your dividing pan. Next, lower the knife head onto the dividing plate and firmly press. The results are equally portioned pieces of dough. This unit can sit easily on a table top or be used with the available stainless steel stand as depicted.

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The Erika Record HAND DIVIDER includes the following standard features:


Lightweight, sanitary dividing plate included


Sanitary cutting knives


Head can be tilted for easy cleaning

Machine is “top-heavy,” please tilt with care.


Pressure is determined by the operator


Easy weight adjustment


Minimal maintenance required

Available Options

The Erika Record HAND DIVIDER offers the following available options:


Stainless Steel Stand

With casters/wheels for enhanced mobility. Stand Dimensions (D x W x H): 15.25″ x 20″ x 29.5″ | 387mm 508mm 749mm

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications for the Erika Record HAND DIVIDER are as follows:

Completely Manual Operation

Electricity is not required to operate this machine.


The Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder are made of high quality, durable materials designed to last. This includes:

Finished with lead free enamel paint

Lightweight, sanitary dividing plate is made of food-safe PVC plastic.

ETL Sanitation approval

Teflon coated knife head assembly and piston

Perfect for high hydration, “sticky” dough types

Sturdy cast iron construction

Arch is made of sturdy cast iron

Production Rate

4,500 - 7,500 pieces/hour

Depending upon operator efficiency and production flow

Approvals & Certifications

Erika Record is proud to maintain ETL Sanitation certification for our HAND DIVIDER:

Shipping Weight & Dimensions

The shipping weight and dimensions for the Erika Record HAND DIVIDER is as follows:

Erika Record HAND DIVIDER Shipping Weight & Dimensions

Weight Ranges

Relevant weights and dimensions for the Erika Record HAND DIVIDER model are as follows:

Erika Record HAND DIVIDER Weight Ranges

Knife Head Availability

Below is a chart outlining knife head availability for all of our Divider/Rounder models. Our HAND DIVIDER is available in both 15 and 36 part varieties.

Erika Record EASY Divider/Rounder Knife Head Availability


Product Video

Below is a brief product overview of the Erika Record HAND DIVIDER.

Available Divider/Rounder Models

The Erika Record Divider/Rounder is available in varying level of automations. This includes the Semi RH (Removable Head), Easy, Easy Plus, Full, and Full Classic, as well as our Hand Divider. In addition, we also have an available Quadro Series configuration that enables the end user to create round, square and/or rectangular dough pieces.

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Available Knife Head Configurations

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