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Wholesale Bread & Roll Slicers

Vertical Slicer ideal for high volume bread and sandwich production

KRUMBEIN VSM (Vertical Slicing Machine)

The KRUMBEIN VSM (Vertical Slicing Machine) is ideal for wholesale bread and sandwich production facilities looking to streamline their operations. This machine can be incorporated into a production line and features an adjustable blade capable of performing both hinge and complete cuts. For more information, please call our bakery equipment sales office and showroom at: 800.682.8203 or click here.




Vertical Slicing System

Using a patented KR cutting system, product is gently transported via conveyor for processing, using a vertical blade.


Adjustable Blade Position

The blade position is adjustable allowing for both hinge or complete cuts.


Enhanced Safety

Machine operation is completely enclosed and runs automatically without the need for operator intervention.


Continous Operation

Designed for high volume processing.


Production Ready Output

Product is processed in such a manner that the sliced side faces up, facilitating workflow in production line environments. This is ideal for large-scale sandwich production.


Hygienic Design

Constructed with both stainless steel and food safe plastic, the VSM is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.


Enhanced Mobility

Machine comes standard with casters/wheels to easily shift between stand alone operation or incorporation into a production line.


Ergonomic Controls

Machine settings are adjusting via easy to use hand wheel and electromechanical buttons.

Electrical Specifications


3 ph, 50 Hz

Production Rate

13 - 32 ft./minute

4 – 10 m/min.

Product Specifications


L x W x H: 89 x 27 9/16 x 56 in. | 2260 x 700 x 1420mm

Net Weight

640 lb. | 290 kg

Max Product Width

This is the maximum width of the product being processed: 7 in.| 180mm.

Maximum Product Height

This is the maximum height of the product being processed: 5 1/2 in.| 140mm.


Product Video

A brief video showcasing the KRUMBEIN VSM (Vertical Slicing Machine).

Business Hours

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