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Condiment Spreaders

Perfect for applying butter, mayonnaise and other condiments to bread and rolls!


Spreadmatic is a butter and condiment spreader manufactured by Deighton. This innovative machine helps increase productivity by allowing bakeries and food service organizations to quickly apply butter or other condiments to soft rolls and sliced breads. In addition, this machine also helps eliminate waste with precision portion controlling.

Because this machine is manufactured by Deighton, the same company who manufactures the Formatic and Traymatic cookie machines; you can rest assured knowing that you have a high quality, easy to use and clean condiment spreader!

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Spreadmatic Condiment Spreader


The Erika Record Spreadmatic Condiment Spreader includes the following standard features:



The Spreadmatic can automatically spread and apply both butter and mayonnaise with ease. It can also other condiments with a similar consistency of mayonnaise.


Simple & Smooth Operation

This machine is easy to use and clean.


Precise Portioning

Easily control the amount of butter or condiment being applied to your product.


Adjustable Height Control

Available Options

The available options for the Spreadmatic Condiment Spreader are as follows:


Extended Hopper


Extended Conveyors


Model Availability

Retail and Industrial models are also available. See brochure for details.

Electrical Specifications



Production Rate

3,000 slices/hour

Maximum achievable with the Commercial Spreadmatic model.

Product Specifications

The product specifications for the Commercial Spreadmatic Condiment Spreader are as follows:


L x W x H: 30.71 x 12.20 x 23.03 in.

Bread Thickness

.20 – 1.18 in.


78 lbs.

Business Hours

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