West Caldwell, New Jersey – March 24, 2014 – Erika Record Baking Equipment, a leading New Jersey based bakery equipment distributor, is pleased to have been selected as the exclusive United States distributor of CSC-Sartori Volumetric Divider/Rounders.

CSC-Sartori is a premiere producer of Volumetric Divider/Rounders also referred to colloquially as “Head Machines” or “Multi-Row” Divider/Rounders. Expertly crafted in Italy, these machines can streamline the production process of more than 250 different types of bread. In addition, these hopper fed Divider/Rounders can also be incorporated into larger scale production lines that include feeding, proofing, loading, moulding, and/or panning.

“We are excited to be offering an affordable, high quality Volumetric Divider/Rounder, capable of handling a greater weight range than its competitors,” said Max Oehler, President of Erika Record Baking Equipment. “This is the perfect solution for those looking to expand their bread production. We have a variety of configurations available including 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 row machines,” continued Oehler.

For those able to attend, the CSC-Sartori SVP Volumetric Divider/Rounder will also be on display during ABDDE (Atlantic Bakery Dairy Deli Expo) 2014 on March 30 – 31st in Atlantic Clity, NJ. For more information about Erika Record Baking Equipment’s exhibition plans please click here.

To learn more about CSC-Sartori’s SVP and SVI Volumetric Divider/Rounders please call our sales office at: 973-614-8500 or fill out the form below.

About CSC-Sartori

CSC-Sartori is the premier manufacturer of bread and pizza solutions. Expertly crafted in Italy, their Volumetric Divider/Rounders offer an expanded weight range, easy rounding, fast cleaning, more flour and low stress handling. Lastly, these dough “Head Machines” are capable of processing dough for over 250 different types of bread.

About Erika Record Baking Equipment

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the leading manufacturer and distributor of retail/commercial baking equipment. For over 20 years, we have provided our customers with both excellent equipment and outstanding customer service. In addition our sales consultants provide solutions that help you increase production and sell more product. For more information please visit: https://erikarecord.com or call our West Caldwell, New Jersey test facility and showroom at: 973-614-8500.