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Discover How You Can Scale Artisan Bread Production Without Sacrificing Quality

For over thirty years, Erika Record Baking Equipment has been providing artisan bakers with industry-leading equipment solutions that help them increase production without sacrificing quality.

This includes preserving the authenticity and quality found in artisan-style bread while also seeking to increase production levels. We have solutions from the very start of the mixing process all the way to baking.

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Erika Record + Colbake = Wholesale Artisan Bread Production

In addition to our  flagship divider rounders, we also offer industry-leading bread and roll production lines from Colbake. The Colbake lineup includes gentle volumetric dividers to help prevent de-gassing, a variety of bread moulders, intermediate proofers, and panning systems designed to preserve the quality of artisan-style baking when increasing production.

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The Best Bakers Deserve the Best Ovens

The¬†oven¬†is the heart of your bakery. That’s why we’ve partnered with¬†Tagliavini¬†to provide exceptional baking quality with our electric¬†modular,¬†cyclothermic, and¬†steam tube¬†deck ovens. This includes a¬†hybrid gas and electric model¬†and well as an¬†industrial electric deck oven¬†suitable for round-the-clock baking.

These ovens can also be equipped with a variety of loading systems to help make batch baking even easier.

For those producing even larger quantities, we also offer our dual deck tunnel oven!

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Erika Record Baking Equipment is proud to have it’s roots built on the timeless success of¬†Erika Record divider rounders. For over 90 years, bakers across the globe continue to choose our divider rounders for their longevity, durability, and superior rounding.

Our industry-leading line of divider rounders include models with our innovative removable and interchangeable knife head assembly system. Compatible RH models include the Semi RH, Easy, and Easy Plus and feature the ability to easily remove heads for cleaning. This includes the added benefit of interchanging those knife heads (for other heads that can produce products with different weight ranges), allowing bakers to make a variety of products with a single machine!

For growing operations making larger quantities of product, we also offer our Full and Full Classic models, designed to increase automation and production.

The Erika Record Difference

For over 30-years we have been providing industry leading equipment coupled with superior customer service. Every client is matched with a dedicated sales consultant who will work with you to find the right oven for your baking operation.

We also realize your purchase is just the beginning of our relationship and remain dedicated to providing world-class support throughout your journey. For those purchasing ovens and larger production lines, this includes a dedicated project manager who will liaison between you and our experienced install team to ensure a smooth experience from the date of purchase, through install and first bake. Lastly, your sales consultant will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process and remains by your side long after install is complete.

We pride ourselves in helping those who serve joy and happiness to others. You deserve a team that is as good as you and your bakery! The best bakers¬†always¬†deserve the best equipment. ‚̧ԳŹ

Visit Us At IBIE 2022

Join us at the baking industry’s largest tradeshow in three years! We couldn’t be more excited to finally be reunited in person. Visit our booths in both the North and West Hall as we showcase our industry leading equipment and latest advancements!

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