Meet One of the Most Energy Efficient Deck Ovens Available! 😍🍃

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusively distributor of Tagliavini. This includes industry leading deck oven, rack ovens, convection ovens, and other bakery equipment!
The Tagliavini Modular is a highly efficient modular electric deck oven that uses up to 50% less energy than the competition!

Erika Record Baking Equipment is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Tagliavini. This includes their Modular electric deck oven, one of the most energy-efficient ovens on the market! These ovens are designed to maximize heat output using the least amount of energy possible. A single 3-pan wide deck uses only 5.76 kW (6.46 kW when using steam). This represents efficiency gains of 18% – 66% compared to the competition!

High Quality, Superior Baking ✨🔥

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusive distributor of Tagliavini Modular electric deck ovens featuring and industry leading recovery time.We realize the oven is the heart of your bakery. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tagliavini to deliver superior ovens with exceptional baking quality. We believe efficiency should never come at the cost of quality. The Modular electric deck oven provides both industry-leading efficiency and superior bake quality.

While traditional “ECO” mode options typically sacrifice performance for less consumption, Tagliavini’s efficiency is achieved even when the oven is at its highest temperature, with both land (floor) and sky (ceiling) fully powered, and steam activated. This means even less consumption may be observed depending on your baking needs and temperatures! As a result, the Modular remains more efficient at its full baking power than the ECO mode on some competing models! 

This is possible via our unique Power Management System (PMS), designed to utilize up to 50% less power than the competition. This unique system provides industry-leading recovery times, generating the maximum amount of heat output using the least amount of energy possible. This is coupled with highly insulated baking chambers and uniquely designed heating elements to achieve industry-leading efficiency. Our system constantly monitors temperature and electrical needs, adapting energy on demand to meet your baking needs.

Industry Leading Recovery Times

Our highly insulated baking chambers, uniquely designed heating elements and power management system provide industry-leading recovery times.

Smart Touch Control Panel

An intuitive digital 7″ display control panel with built-in recipe storage, energy-saver management, remote display mode, remote maintenance, internal diagnostics, and internet connectivity.

Even & Consistent Baking

Our stone hearth decks and unique heating elements ensure a consistent, even temperature is provided across the entire baking surface. The end result is a beautiful, perfectly baked product across your entire batch!

Individual Temperature & Steam Controls

Each deck features individual temperature controls as well as a dedicated steam generator, enabling you to bake a variety of different products simultaneously; with the ability to also adjust land (deck) and sky (ceiling) power distribution.

Industry-Leading Quality

Renowned for their reliability, sophistication, and durability, Tagliavini prides itself on craftsmanship. This includes incorporating innovative design, cutting-edge technology, high quality materials, and high-caliber engineering.

Modular Design

Each deck is stackable and can be designed to meet your production needs. This also includes available proofer and base option, as well as the ability to add additional decks in the future.

Looking for a new deck oven? Erika Record has created a blog to help you decide between purchasing either a new electric deck or gas deck oven!

Wholesale Baking Solutions 💪📈

Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of the Tagliavini Tronik. An electric deck oven designed for wholesale and industrial baking operations.

Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of Tagliavini deck ovens and industrial oven loading solutions.Wholesale baking operations can also leverage the superior quality and efficiency of the Modular with our Tagliavini Tronik electric deck oven. This oven features the same power management system and energy-saving technology deployed in the Modular, but scaled for higher production levels. Even greater operational cost savings can be observed when combined with on-premises solar or other renewable energy.

Suitable for round-the-clock baking, this oven is ideal for commissaries and large-volume production. Built for both your current and future needs, the Tronik is highly configurable, growing up to 5 decks tall with 2,310m2 of baking surface. Our experienced team can help you identify the best model for your baking operation. 

The Tronik can also be equipped with either an integrated loader as well as an industrial loader such as our Robot or Multi-Deck loader

Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of the Tagliavini Tronik. An electric deck oven designed for wholesale and industrial baking operations.


Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of Tagliavini ovens which include their innovative SmartTouch digital control panel.Purchasing an oven has never been easier with our experienced team! Every client is matched with a dedicated sales consultant who will work with you to find the right oven for your baking operation.

In addition, ovens purchased through Erika Record receive a dedicated project manager who will liaison between you and our experienced install team to ensure a smooth experience from the date of purchase up until installation and first bake.

Lastly, your sales consultant will always be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process. Our highly-skilled technical support team also remains available to answer any questions you may have!