Erika Record Baking Equipment has all your equipment solutions this holidays. This includes industry leading cookie machines and confectionery depositor solutions from Janssen & MONO.

We Can Help You Meet Those Holiday Cookie Demands! 💪🍪

This festive season, we’re excited to bring you the very best in depositing and cookie production solutions. Our experienced team can help you take your holiday production to the next level! Explore a world of possibilities with our range of equipment, including the cutting-edge Janssen F-Series, the compact tabletop MONO Epsilon depositor, and the powerhouse line of MONO Omegas Series depositors.

Let our state-of-the-art machinery be part of your recipe for success. Discover how you can effortlessly boost production, streamline labor, and keep up with surging demand!

Erika Record Baking Equipment has partnered with MONO to offer this highly competitive tabletop depositor package just in time for the holidays!

Discover the Potential of the Epsilon!

Harness the full potential of the Epsilon with its industry-leading accessory package. Easily deposit muffins, cupcakes, sheet cakes, macarons, eclairs and more with ease! Our competitive package is priced at $21,935 and includes:

  • The Epsilon tabletop depositor
  • 6mm sheeting template
  • 4 across template
  • 6 across template
  • Nozzle package
This pricing is valid through 11/30/23. No substitutions are allowed. Shipping and any applicable taxes are to be determined at the time of quoting.
Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusive distributor of the industry leading Janssen F-Series rotary cookie machine.

Discover Why The Janssen F-Series Keeps Turning Heads!

The Janssen F-Series rotary cookie machine features the latest advancements in cookie production technology. Bakers continue to fall in love with the Janssen’s sleek build, easy-to-clean design, interchangeable drums, and easy-to-use interface. This machine is perfect for producing cookies with intricate details, such as butter cookies, Spekulatius, fine tea biscuits, and cookies with custom embossed designs.

Speaking of designs, Janssen’s innovative interchangeable drum system also facilitates the production of almond dough, latticework, gingerbread dough, shaped cookies, and continuous sheeting of dough for pies, pastries, and more!

Meet the Epsilon Tabetop Depositor

The MONO Epsilon tabletop depositor features a unique front-loading design that makes placement in tight quarters a breeze!

The Epsilon features a fully programmable touchscreen, a traveling hopper system, a large hopper capacity, and a pour-through hopper lid for seamless production. 

The Epsilon is suitable for various products, including macarons, eclairs, pate a choux, sheet cakes, cupcakes, meringues, brownies, and more!

Meet Our Other MONO Depositors

We have a depositing solution for almost every production environment!

MONO | Omega Series

Production: Retail & Wholesale

Confectionery depositor with rotary configuration perfect for a wide variety of products.

MONO | Omega Plus with Wire-Cut

Production: Retail & Wholesale

Confectionery depositor with rotary and added wirecut capabilities for cookies!

Baker vs. Machine

Discover what happens when two talented and experienced bakers go head to head with our industry leading equipment.