TAGLIAVINI + Erika Record The PROVEN Leaders In Baking 🔥🏆

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusively distributor of Tagliavini. This includes industry leading deck oven, rack ovens, convection ovens, and other bakery equipment!
Erika Record & Tagliaivni  is the proven leader in distributing high quality, energy efficient deck ovens that save you both time and money!

The PROVEN Efficiency Leader!

We believe it’s not enough to make BIG claims – they have to be PROVEN!

Erika Record is proud to partner with TAGLIAVINI in bringing you one of the most energy efficient deck ovens ever built. Discover how you can save both time and money with the MODULAR electric deck oven!
In our endless pursuit of excellence, we recently put the Tagliavini Modular to the test. Our team analyzed efficiency while baking 6 batches of artisan sourdough boules, with three key production goals in mind:

1. Achieving the fastest preheating possible
2. Baking with lightning-quick recovery times
3. Product with a beautiful bake!

Reduce Operating Costs With One of the Most Energy Efficient Ovens On the Market!

The Modular at full power is even more efficient than the ECO mode on some competing models!

Improve your bottom line with one of the most energy-efficient ovens ever made! Erika Record Baking Equipment is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Tagliavini. This includes their Modular electric deck oven, one of the most energy-efficient ovens on the market! These ovens are designed to maximize heat output using the least amount of energy possible.

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Looking for a new deck oven? Erika Record has created a blog to help you decide between purchasing either a new electric deck or gas deck oven!
Erika Record is proud to partner with Tagliavini to deliver the most energy efficient industrial deck oven ever made! Discover how you can achieve round-the-clock baking while saving both time and money.
Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of the Tagliavini Tronik. An electric deck oven designed for wholesale and industrial baking operations.


Erika Record Baking Equipment is an exclusive distributor of Tagliavini ovens which include their innovative SmartTouch digital control panel.Purchasing an oven has never been easier with our experienced team! Every client is matched with a dedicated sales consultant who will work with you to find the right oven for your baking operation.

In addition, ovens purchased through Erika Record receive a dedicated project manager who will liaison between you and our experienced install team to ensure a smooth experience from the date of purchase up until installation and first bake.

Lastly, your sales consultant will always be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process. Our highly-skilled technical support team also remains available to answer any questions you may have!