Find Out Who Won Our Semi Divider Rounder Giveaway! 😍

Semi Divider Rounder Giveaway Contest Winner at IBIE 2022

Congratulations To La Mexicana Market & Bakery!

For IBIE 2022, we wanted to create a unique experience that directly impacted our baking community in a meaningful and exciting way! Those who visited our main exhibit in the North Hall were able to enter for their chance to win our Semi Divider Rounder!

We’re proud to announce the winner of this event is Husni Aizah, owner of La Mexicana Market & Bakery in Arvin, California! 

Husni and his team are so excited to have received our Semi Divider Rounder into their bakery, and can’t wait for it to help improve their production! Husni visited our team during IBIE 2022, where he entered our giveaway.

Erika Record Divider Rounders!

Erika Record Baking Equipment is proud to have it’s roots built on the timeless success of Erika Record divider rounders. For over 90 years, bakers across the globe continue to choose our divider rounders for their longevity, durability, and superior rounding.

Our industry leading line of divider rounders include models with our innovative removable and interchangeable knife head assembly system. Compatible RH models include the Semi RHEasy, and Easy Plus and feature the ability to easily remove heads for cleaning. This includes the added benefit of interchanging those knife heads (for other heads that can produce products with different weight ranges), allowing bakers to make a variety of products with a single machine!

For growing operations making larger quantities of product, we also offer our Full and Full Classic models, designed to increase automation and production.

Explore Our Interchangeable Knife Head System

Discover the benefits of our innovative interchangeable knife head assembly (KHA) system.

1. Easy to clean!

2. Produce a variety of different products using one machine!

3. Knife head assemblies can also be interchanged amongst compatible RH model divider rounders! This includes the Semi RHEasy, and Easy Plus!

Industry Leading Support

Our divider rounders feature an industry leading warranty, with unparalleled product support provided by our experienced technicians. We also maintain a robust inventory of both critical and consumable spare parts ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Available Knife Head Assembly Configurations

We offer an unapparelled variety of knife head configurations to meet your unique needs!

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