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Electric Food-Service Convection Oven

The Tagliavini C-Box is an energy efficient, electric convection oven suitable for parbaked bread, confectionery, hamburger rolls and filled specialities like pies. This easy to install oven can also be equipped with a proofing cabinet upon request. Lastly it is well suited in hospitality, food-service, and supermarket environments.

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Tagliavini C-Box Food Service Convection Oven


The Tagliavini C-Box electric convection oven includes the following standard features:



This oven is highly configurable and can be built to order. This includes a choice of 4, 6, or 10 pan configuration as well as an optional proofing cabinet.


Digital Controls

A digital control panel controls each oven chamber with 3 different bake settings per program. This system can store up to 99 individual programs and features programmable startup and automatic pre-heating.


2 Speed Fan

2-speed recirculation fan for baking a wider range of products:


  • low speed: for baking light and delicate products
  • high speed: for baking parbake breads




Easy Maintenance

Designed to be accessible and easy to maintain. This includes:


  • easy to clean with a grease discharge onto the baking floor.
  • Stainless steel exhaust hood with 2 speeds and washable stainless steel filters



Tray Distance

The distance between each tray is 80mm | 3 in. (approximately)


Steam Control

Steam is controlled via the digital control panel and is completely automatic. This includes automatic steam exhaust.


Durable Construction

This oven features stainless steel construction for a durable, sleek, modern, and easy to clean finish.


Fully Assembled

Oven is shipped fully assembled and ready for installation.


Fan Control

This oven automatically controls the inversion of fan rotation direction.


Even Baking

This oven provides an even bake batch after batch.


Halogen Lighting

Lighting system equipped with long-lasting halogen bulbs.

Available Options

The Tagliavini C-Box electric convection oven offers the following available options:


Proofing Cabinet

A proofing cabinet with temperature control.


Air Reduction Kit


Core Probe


Liter Counter

Enables you to volumetrically measure water that is distributed to the steam generator.


Automatic Cleaning

For models with a digital control panel, an automatic cleaning kit designed to clean the interior of the oven chamber can be configured.


Electromechanical Controls

As an alternative to our standard digital controls, a simple push-button control panel can be installed.


Wheel Kit

For enhanced mobility

Product Specifications


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