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Modular Electric Deck Oven

The Tagliavini Modular Easy is a versatile, 2 pan electric deck oven. This easy to install oven offers bakers added flexibility by being able to individually control baking temperatures for each deck. The oven is ideal for both bakery and food-service production environments.

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Tagliavini Modular Easy Electric Deck Oven


The Tagliavini Modular Easy electric deck oven includes the following standard features:



This oven is highly configurable and can be built to order. This includes control over the number of decks, support base with or without storage, and an optional proofing cabinet.


Wide Baking Range

This oven is good for bread and rolls both small and large and everything in between. This includes breads, focaccia, pizza, pastries, cakes, as well as deli and rotisserie products.


2 Tray Capacity

Each deck can hold upto two pans.


Lighting System

Interior lighting system with power switch for illuminating the baking chamber.


Digital Controls

Digital control pannel for setting temperature, bake time, end of cycle alarm, and power percentage (0 – 100) for both the cieling and deck. The maximum bake temperature is 380° C | 716° F.


Durable Construction

  • This oven features stainless steel construction for a durable, sleek, modern, and easy to clean finish.
  • Oven deck is also made of quartz material.
  • Reinforced heating elements



This oven features advanced safety features such as:

  • Motorized steam exhaust
  • Resettable safety thermostats in steam generator and baking chamber
  • Safety shutdown for the entire unit



Purchase Pre-Assembled

Depending on both your door size and oven size, this oven can be purchased pre-assembled for even quicker installation. Alternatively, each deck can be delivered fully assembled and ready for stacking.


Even Baking

This oven provides an even bake batch after batch. Reinforced heating elements are strategically placed both at the top and bottom of the baking chamber. This helps ensure gentle and even heat distribution.


Different Deck Temperatures

Each deck has its own self-contained heating element system and control panel. This allows each deck to have a different temperature at the same, enabling you to bake different products at the same time. Maximum temperature is 280° C | 536° F.

Available Options

The Tagliavini Modular Easy electric deck oven offers the following available options:


Steam Generator

Steam generator made of stainless steel with timer.



Proofing Cabinet with thermostat control, tray holder grid, steam generation via a manual reservoir system, stainless steel construction, double glass doors, and guide pitch.

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