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Annular Steam Tube Deck Oven

The Tagliavini Anular is an annular steam tube deck oven that uses both steam tube technology and concrete material to create mass for greater heat retention. This oven is available in a variety of configurations.

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The Tagliavini Anular is an annular steam tube deck oven that includes the following standard features:


Steam Tube Technology

Tagliavini implements steam tube technnology using highly pressurized steam that is delivered via reinforced metal tubing, combined with a reinforced concrete deck, producing mass. This mass provides greater heat retention and consisten baking temperatures in a dry environment. This produces a gorgeous, crispy crust. This style of oven is ideal for baking large loaves.




This oven is highly configurable and can be built to order. This includes control over the number of decks and pan/tray layout (number of trays deep and wide).


Digital Controls

SMART Digital Control Panel – capable of controlling baking temperature, baking time (with alarm), steam inlet time, and lighting.


Easy Maintenance

Designed to be accessible and easy to maintain. This includes control pannel access, front access, etc.


Exhaust Hood

Stainless steel exhaust hood with a two-speed fan.


Durable Construction

This oven features stainless steel construction for a durable, sleek, modern, and easy to clean finish. The oven deck is also made of reinforced concrete material. The tubing system is also composed of a reinforced metal with a 27mm diameter.


Independent Steam Generator

Independent steam generators are installed into the fume conduit, faciliating quicker temperature recovery.



This oven features advanced safety features such as:

  • upward opening door with lock-release system
  • double compression valve in each deck
  • steam exhaust valve in each deck
  • double slide valve in chimney


Halogen Lighting

Deck lighting is equipped with long lasting hologen bulbs.


Steam Control

Steam is control via the digital control panel and manual dampers.

Available Options

The Tagliavini Anular is an annular steam tube deck oven offers the following available options:


Automatic Discharge Conduit

Designed to automatically remove any resulting condensation.


Automatic Steam Exhaust Valves

Automatic steam exhaust valves can be installed as oposed to the standard, manual damper system.


Alternative Fuel Sources

This oven can also be configured to consume alternative fuel sources such as propane or bio-pellets.



Ability to purchase either a manual or automatic oven loaders that can be stand alone equipment or built directly into the oven.


Control Panel Position

Option to have the control panel positioned on the right-hand side.


Electromechanical Controls

As an alternative to our standard digital controls, a simple push-button control panel can be installed.

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