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Combination Cyclothermic Gas and Electric Deck Oven

The Tagliavini Termik MIX is a combination cyclothermic gas and electric deck oven. While the bottom decks are a traditional Termik cyclothermic gas oven, the upper deck is a Tronik electric deck oven.

Cyclothermic technology involves forcing hot air through an innovative radiator system. This enables the oven to deliver a consistent temperature throughout the entire deck, an even bake and the ability to quickly adjust temperatures.

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The Tagliavini Termik MIX combination cyclothermic gas deck oven includes the following standard features:


Digital Control Panels

2 SMART Digital Control Panels – capable of controlling baking temperature, baking time (with alarm), steam inlet time, lighting, and steam options. One panel controls the Termik (cyclothermic) portion of the oven while the other controls the Tronik (electric) portion.



This oven is highly configurable and can be built to order. This includes control over the number of decks and pan/tray layout (number of trays deep and wide).


Exhaust Hood

Stainless steel exhaust hood with a two-speed fan.



This oven features advanced safety features such as:

  • upward opening door with lock-release system
  • double compression valve in each deck
  • steam exhaust valve in each deck


Steam Generator

Both the cyclothermic (Termik) and electric (Tronik) portions of the make use of the Termik’s steam generator system.


Easy Maintenance

Designed to be accessible and easy to maintain. This includes control pannel access, front access, etc.


Durable Construction

This oven features stainless steel construction for a durable, sleek, modern, and easy to clean finish. The oven deck is also made of reinforced fiberglass material.


Halogen Lighting

Deck lighting is equipped with long lasting hologen bulbs.

Termik Features


Cyclothermic Technology

An innovative heating system that forces hot air throughout the raditor, providing a consistent baking temperature throughout the entire oven deck.



Digital Controls

SMART Digital Control Panel – capable of controlling baking temperature, baking time (with alarm), steam inlet time, lighting, as well as opening and closing of the steam exhaust valve.


Steam Control

Steam is controlled via the digital SMART control panel and manual dampers.


Independent Steam Generator

An independent steam generator is built into each deck.

Tronik Features


Digital Controls

SMART Digital Control Panel – capable of controlling baking temperature, baking time (with alarm), lighting, percentage of power used, power distribution between deck ceiling and floor, and steam delivery.

The panel also has an LCD display dedicated to each deck and features a weekly start-up program (PROSET) and storage for up to 10 baking programs.


Separate Power Unit

The power unit remains separate from the control panel. The control panel is connected via ethernet cables.


Extractable Bench

Located underneath the oven door, this provides an area for setting down trays.

Available Options

The Tagliavini Termik MIX combination cyclothermic gas deck oven offers the following available options:


Automatic Steam Exhaust Valves

Automatic steam exhaust valves can be installed as oposed to the standard, manual damper system.


Integrated Oven Loaders

Ability to purchase either a manual or automatic oven loader that is built directly into the oven.


Purchase Pre-assembled

Depending on both your door size and oven size, this oven can be purchased pre-assembled for even quicker installation.

Tronik Options

The following are available options for the Tronik only portion of the Termik MIX:


SMART 30 Digital Controls

All the features of the traditional SMART digital control panel with the added ability to store up to 30 baking programs.


Independent Steam Generator

An independent electric powered steam generator, enabling you to have a different steam control from the Termik decks below.


Liter Counter

Enables you to volumetrically measure water that is distributed to the steam generator.


Booster Function

Capable of being installed into the SMART digital control panel, this allows the oven to reach a higher temperature in less time.


Extractable Baking Floor

Allows for easy removal of the entire baking hearth.


iBake Control Panel

iBake is a complete touch screen based control panel that features the PROSET weekly starter function.
iBake is available in three trim levels:

  • iBake Saver: designed for optimal energy savings. The baker’s entire power supply can run through the oven and be monitored.
  • iBake Pro: store up to 100 baking programs.
  • iBake Full: includes both the iBake Saver and iBake Pro features.

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