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Single Column Oven Loaders

The Tagliavini Single Column Oven Loader comes in a variety of different size and automation options. These loaders are connected via a rail system that allows the loader to slide left and right across the front of the oven. The loading deck moves vertically across the oven to assist in the loading process.

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The Tagliavini Single Column Oven loader includes the following standard features:


Lifting (Vertical) Movement

Loader lifting is controlled in the following manner for the models listed below:

  • SPM100: manual lifting with counterweight
  • SPM200, SPM300, SPM310, SPM500: motorized lifting with height control


Horizontal (Sideways) Movement

Horizontal loader movement is controlled manually


Oven Loading

Oven loading is controlled in the following manner for the models listed below:

  • SPM100, SPM200: manual oven loading
  • SPM300: automatic oven loading with manual canvas return
  • SPM310, SPM500: automatic oven loading with automatic canvas return

Oven Unloading

Oven unloading is controlled in the following manner and is available for the models listed below:

  • SPM300, SPM310: manual oven unloading
  • SPM500: motorized front unloading of product

Available Options

The Tagliavini Single Column Oven loader offers the following available options:


Thin Tip Unloading Kit

A thin tip unloading kit enables the baker to both load and unload their oven. This adds unloading functionality to the following models SPM100, SPM200, and SPM300.


Removal of Floor Rail

The floor rail (that enables horizontal, sideways movement of the loader can be removed and replaced with a sliding mechanism at the base of the oven. This is available on models: SPM200, SPM300, SPM310, and SPM500.


Glass Lifter

Glass lifter for opening oven door while in operation.



Pair of shelves for setting down the tables

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