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Integrated Oven Loaders

The Tagliavini Integrated Oven Loader is availble for our Anular, Termik, and Tronik deck oven models. These loaders are built directly into the oven and feature both counterweight and rail systems to easily move the loader both vertically and horizontally across the oven. When not in use the loading table stores overhead, allowing for active use of the floor space in front of the oven.

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The Tagliavini Integrated Oven loader includes the following standard features:


Lifting (Vertical) Movement

Loader lifting is controlled manually via a counterweight system.


Horizontal (Sideways) Movement

Horizontal loader movement is controlled manually via rail system that is affixed to the front of the oven.



When not in use, the loading table stores overhead, enabling active use of the floor space in front of the oven.


Stainless Steel Construction

Duable stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and heavy duty performance.

Available Options

The Tagliavini Integrated Oven loader offers the following available options:


Thin Tip Unloading Kit

A thin tip unloading kit enables the baker to both load and unload their oven. This device enables easier unloading.


Spare Setter

Additional loading canvas and frame to facilitate production of multiple products.


Black Finish

Available for integrated loaders that are will be equipped on our Tronik deck oven models that also have an optional black finish.

Product Specifications


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