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Multi-Deck Oven Loaders

The Tagliavini Multi-Deck Oven Loader is available for deck ovens with 4, 5, or 6 tiers. These loaders are designed to load and unload multiple oven decks at once and rest on floor rail system.

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Tagliavini Multi-Deck Loader


The Tagliavini Multi-Deck Oven loader includes the following standard features:


Multi-Deck Loading

The number of loading decks is equal to the number of oven decks. This helps facilitate simultaneous loading and unloading of product on all decks via motorized setters.


Horizontal (Sideways) Movement

Horizontal loader movement is mechanized via a motorized floor rail system with vulcanized wheels.


Automated Alignment and Opening

Sensors help align the loader with the oven, while an opening rod facilitates opening and closing of the oven doors.


Durable Construction

This includes stainless steel guards, galvanized wheels, asynchronous motors, reinforced transmission, and electro-mechanical controls.


Electromechanical Controls

Electromechanical controls that features push button controls for easy operator control with onboard management software.

Available Options

The Tagliavini Multi-Deck Oven loader offers the following available options:


Touchscreen Control

A touchscreen control panel that provides complete co over the machine operation and can also interface with the smart control panel on each oven deck, enabling control of the baking parameters via the loader.


Ethernet Port

Enables you to control the loader remotely via an internet connection.


Semi-Automatic Operation

Semi-Automatic operation of the loading system.


Loading & Unloading Queues

Staging area for the product in queue to be baked. This includes tables, trays, racks and/or conveyors. This system can also be adapted for unloading.


Conveyors Systems

Composes of either belt or canvas material, this can help move baked product to other processing areas within you facility.

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