French Baguettes

Bakery equipment solutions for French Baguette production.

French Baguette Production

Erika Record Baking Equipment offers a wide variety of bakery equipment solutions that are suitable for varying levels of French Baguette Production. This includes Bread & Roll Production Systems for both retail and wholesale bakeries.

Retail Production


Hydraulic dough divider with optional division expansions and Tradiform configuration.


Bread moulder suitable for forming Baguettes, French & Italian bread.

Tagliavini | Lievistop Retarder Proofer

Production: Retail

A high quality, industry leading retarder proofer for artisan bread bakeries.

Tagliavini | Modular

Production: Retail

Fuel Source: Electric

A modular electric deck oven perfect for artisan bread baking. Additional decks can also be added post purchase.

Wholesale Production

Colbake | Volumetric Divider

Production: Wholesale

Dough divider with 2-5 pistons, adjustable weight range, with available pre-rounder.

Colbake | Gentle Divider

Production: Wholesale

Volumetric divider suitable fermented, gaseous artisan style bread doughs.

Colbake | Long Roll Moulder

Production: Wholesale

Moulder for making French Baguettes, French & Italian Bread, and batards.

Colbake | Proofing Systems

Production: Wholesale

Highly customizable, dynamic & static proofing systems built to your specifications.

Colbake | Automatic Panning System

Production: Wholesale

Automatically pan/tray loaves of bread, using a system built to your specifications.

Tagliavini | Termik

Production: Retail & Wholesale

Fuel Source: Gas

Technology: Cyclothermic

A cyclothermic deck oven perfect for artisan baking. This oven provides a consistent and even bake with rapid temperature recovery.

Tagliavini | Atlas

Production: Wholesale

Fuel Source: Gas

Technology: Steam Tube

An automatic, compact, double deck tunnel oven perfect for large scale artisan bread production. This oven also facilitiates batch baking.

Backtechnik | Industrial Tunnel Oven

Production: Wholesale

Fuel Source: Gas

Technology: Cyclothermic

An efficient, reliable tunnel oven for industrial baking operations. This oven is completely customized for your production needs and features the incorporation of turbulence zones for even baking.