Bakery equipment solutions for Telera Bread production.

Telera Production

Erika Record Baking Equipment offers a wide variety of bakery equipment solutions that are suitable for varying levels of Telera Bread production. This includes Bread & Roll Production Systems for both retail and wholesale bakeries.

Retail Production

Erika Record | Semi RH

Production: Retail

Our entry level model, this semi-automatic divider/rounder is designed to accurately portion and perfectly round dough each and every time.

Tagliavini | Lievistop Retarder Proofer

Production: Retail

A high quality, industry leading retarder proofer for artisan bread bakeries.

Wholesale Production

Colbake | Volumetric Divider

Production: Wholesale

Dough divider with 2-5 pistons, adjustable weight range, with available pre-rounder.

Colbake | Gentle Divider

Production: Wholesale

Volumetric divider suitable fermented, gaseous artisan style bread doughs.

MONO | Gemini Roll Plant

Production: Wholesale

2 row continuous divider/rounder with programmable touchscreen controls, and available roll moulding unit.

Koenig | Remanufactured

Production: Wholesale

Condition: Remanufactured

Industry-leading continuous, automatic divider rounders typically available in 4 - 6 row configurations, completely remanufactured by our experienced team.

Winkler | Admiral

Production: Wholesale

Condition: Reconditioned

Industrial, automatic divider/rounder suitable for continuous production.

Colbake | Telera Moulder

Production: Wholesale

Moulder for making Mexican Teleras and Portuguese Rolls (papo secos).

Colbake | Proofing Systems

Production: Wholesale

Highly customizable, dynamic & static proofing systems built to your specifications.

Colbake | Automatic Panning System

Production: Wholesale

Automatically pan/tray loaves of bread, using a system built to your specifications.