Bakery Equipment Purchasing Process

Since 1991, our dedicated and experienced team has provided a customer-centered approach to bakery equipment sales. This includes hands-on and virtual demonstrations, technical support, maintaining a comprehensive spare parts inventory, and delivering exceptional customer service both during and after the sales process.

When purchasing equipment with Erika Record Baking Equipment, you can expect the following:

1. Inquiry

We receive your initial inquiry either via online or phone call and route your request to one of our experienced sales consultants for further assistance.

2. Discovery

Our consultants review your initial inquiry and engage in a one-on-one dialogue with you to learn more about your process and equipment needs. This includes discussing your budget, product type, current production methods, and production goals.

3. Demonstrations

Erika Record Baking Equipment also encourages equipment testing during the sales process. Our solutions-driven mission ensures that we always steer bakers towards the right piece of equipment (even when that means directing them towards a competing piece of equipment that is better suited for their needs.)

We offer both in-person demonstrations at the Baker’s Lab as well as virtual demonstrations. Regardless of the method, the demonstration process is supervised by our on-staff technical baker who provides greater insight into the demonstration process as well as your current production methods.

4. Purchasing

We make every effort to accommodate the unique needs of our clients and are dedicated to ensuring your purchase is simple and worry-free, without any hesitations or regrets. This includes clearly outlining our terms of purchase, providing written quotations, answering your questions, and aligning you with financing partners who can help secure your purchase. This is in addition to our mandatory equipment demonstration process which precedes any sale.

5. Warranty

New equipment purchases from Erika Record Baking Equipment always include parts and labor warranty. These warranty terms are outlined in your quote.

Technical Support

We understand that your purchase with Erika Record Baking Equipment is just the beginning of our relationship. We aim to provide exceptional customer service both during and after the sales process.

Our industry-leading technical support team includes:

  • Experienced, highly knowledgeable technicians
  • Parts & spares inventory
  • Remanufacturing operations
  • Troubleshooting via video conferences



What is your current production?

This may include:

  • What is my current production process, what steps are involved?
  • Am I open to adapting my product or process for mechanized production?

What are your production goals?

This may include:

  • What are my production needs?
  • How much do I need to produce per day or per hour?

What are your budgetary concerns?

This may include:

  • What is my budget?
  • What can I realistically afford?
  • Is financing viable?