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Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers

High quality, durable european build!

LUX-R Spiral Mixer

We are pleased to be the official North American distributor of LP Group. Based in Italy, LP Group focuses on engineering and manufacturing the highest quality spiral mixing equipment for bakeries around the globe. Their LUX-R line combines the reinforced powerhouse design of the VIS-R Series with a removable bowl trolley system.

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MONO Harmony DX Classic Deck Oven



Straight Breaking Bar

For enhanced durability and reliability.


Dual Step Transmission

For added reliability and strength when processing stiffer doughs.


Reinforced Motors

Three reinforced motors that power the bowl, spiral, and hydraulic lift.


Belt Drive Train

Belt drive transmission for added reliability and strength.


Suitable For Stiff Doughs

Capable of processing dough with low hydration levels.


Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift which lowers the spiral and bowl cover onto the bowl. It is engaged via a dual safety button operation. The lid is automatic raised once the mixing cycle is completed.


2 Speeds

Capable of running at either low or high speeds.


Dual Safety Operation

Hydraulic Lift is lowered via a dual safety button operation.


Electromechanical Controls

Includes ability to control bowl rotation, jog, mixer speed and timers. Mixer can also be used in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes. The hydraulic spiral lift is also controlled via a dual safety button operation. Lastly, the control panel is located along the side of the machine for ease of access and maintenance.


Bowl Rotation

Ability to reverse bowl rotation.


Stainless Steel Bowl Cover

Stainless steel bowl cover that is attached to the mixer and lowered onto the bowl via an hydraulic lift.


Stainless Steel Construction

Designed for durability, ease of cleaning and overall sanitation.

Available Options


Extra Bowl & Trolley

To facilitate production flow, additional bowl and trolly systems are available.


Electronic Control Panel

In place of the standard electromechanical control panel, this also features an electronic bypass to avoid any service disruptions.

Electrical Specifications

LUX-R Series Electrical Specifications

Production Specifications

LUX-R Series Production Specifications


Please reference the image below when reviewing dimensions.

LUX-R Series Dimension Specifications
LUX-R Series Weight Specifications


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1 Amazing Commercial Spiral Mixer

Featuring a Removable Bowl!