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Slice Bagels, Brownies, Rolls, Napoleons, Sheet Cakes, and more with ease!

KRUMBEIN HS300 Tabletop Slicer

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusive distributor of KRUMBEIN slicing equipment in North American, as well as the Caribbean. This includes the KRUMBEIN HS 300 Table-Top Slicer.

The HS300 horizontal slicer machine is perfect for slicing cakes, rolls, bagels, sheet cakes and other baked goods.

For more information, please call our bakery equipment sales office and showroom at: 800.682.8203 or click here.

KRUMBEIN HS300 Table Top Slicer


The KRUMBEIN HS300 Table Top Slicer includes the following standard features:


Gentle Slicing

Achieved via synchronization of the upper and lower belts.


Compact Design

Conveyor belt is able to fold to conserve space when not in use.


KR Special Blade System

Designed to slice fresh baked goods into two layers with one pass through.


Safety Guards

The slicing area is enclosed in a clear protective casing for both safe operation and visibility.


Variable Controls

Individually controllable speed, blade height, and belt height settings.


Slice multiple layers

For creating more than two layers, blade height can be adjusted; allowing multiple layers to be achieved via additional pass throughs.

Available Options

The KRUMBEIN HS300 Table Top Slicer offers the following available options:


Teflon Coated Blades

Prevents product from sticking to blades.


Wave Top Belt

Designed for baked goods with variable heights, ensures stability by providing extra grip on the product being sliced.


Operation procedures for the KRUMBEIN HS300 Table Top Slicer is as follows:

Adjustable Blade Height

Hand wheel controlled, blade height is indicated via the blade height scale.

Adjustable Upper Belt

Hand wheel controlled, upper belt height is indicated via the upper belt height scale.

Conveyor Feeding

Slicing is executed via a put-through conveyor belt method; in which fresh baked goods are placed on one end of the machine, and comes out sliced via the opposite end.

Electrical Specifications


1ph, 60Hz

Tray Capacity


Production rates vary based on cutting speed, product type, and product size.

Product Specifications

The product specifications for the KRUMBEIN HS300 Table Top Slicer are as follows:

L/B/H Park Position

35.5 x 23 x 37 in.


198.5 lbs.

Max Product Height

3.54 in.

L/B/H Work Position

76 x 23 x 22 in.

Max Product Width

11.9 in.

Blade Height

.20 – 2.36 in.


Business Hours

We're here to serve you. Our business hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

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