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Smartline Glazing & Spraying System

The Frisch Spritzmatic Smartline Glazing & Spraying System is perfect for egg washing, glazing pastries, and spray greasing baking pans/sheets.

This glazing system also features an innovative pan sensor that triggers spraying only when the baking tray is underneath the nozzles. Combined with highly accurate product application, the Smartline reduces waste and helps prevent product from being applied to surrounding surfaces and flooring.

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The Frisch Spritzmatic Glazing & Spraying System includes the following standard features:


Modular Design

Can be incorporated into an existing system or line.


Variable belt speed

Control production flow easily and efficiently


Accurate Spraying

Helps eliminate excess product from being applied to surrounding surfaces and flooring.


Baking Tray Sensor

Built in sensor detects when a baking tray is positioned underneath the spray nozzles to help eliminate product waste.

Available Options

The Frisch Spritzmatic Smartline offers the following available options:


Selectable Spray or Veil Unit

Configure your machine as needed and interchange between pan greasing, egg washing and product glazing.


Directional Switch

Choose between going forward or reverse

Electrical Specifications



Air Specifications

119 PSI (maximum)

Application of product is facilitated via a pressurized tank system

Production Rate

20 trays/minute

Standard American Baking Sheets/Trays (18 x 26 in.)

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