Navigating Business During Coronavirus – A Strategic Response & Action Plan For Bakeries & Restaurants

Erika Record Baking Equipment understands the difficulty facing the bakeries and restaurants we serve as the COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus outbreak unfolds. We remain dedicated to addressing your ongoing equipment needs and providing continued support during this uncertain time.

The below includes ideas for helping bakeries mitigate any business losses as patrons begin to venture out less and practice social distancing in wake of this outbreak.

Promote Sanitation Practices

Inform customers of any enhanced sanitation practices your bakery or restaurant has taken. This can provide reassurance to patrons that your business is taking the appropriate measures to ensure that all food is prepared and served in sanitized, disinfected areas.

Promote Staffing Policy Changes

Inform customers of revised staffing policy changes your bakery has made. This includes the implementation of sick policies, emphasizing that employees who display any cold symptoms are not permitted to work. This again provides reassurance to patrons that food is being prepped, handled, and served in sanitary conditions.

Parbaked & Frozen

Encourage clients to purchase more by educating them about how certain products can be frozen and baked or thawed for later consumption.

Likewise, consider launching parbaked and frozen products such as bread, cookie dough, etc. for clients to bake and enjoy at home.

Order Ahead

Create an order ahead campaign that encourages patrons to order their goods in advance for easy pickup in a designated area. This helps avoid longer, crowded lines, and patrons will appreciate the added convenience.

Quick Tip
Also, consider taking payment information over the phone for even faster pickup!

Curbside Pickup

You may also want to consider a curbside pickup campaign combined with over the phone payment that can help patrons avoid coming into the store altogether. This will continue to help ease fears while also adding another level of convenience.

Delivery Services

You may also want to consider offering delivery or partnering with a delivery service to help increase business. This will also add an extra level of convenience to patrons.

Quick Tip
Some popular delivery services include: DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and UberEats.

Contactless Payment & Credit Cards

Encourage the use of contactless payment where possible, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. If that’s not feasible, try to encourage credit card usage.

Sanitation Stations

Help ease potential fears by creating a hand sanitizing station that may also include alcohol wipes for nearby surfaces and cell phones. These stations can be strategically located near doors, ordering counters, and/or trash areas.

Creating Awareness & Sharing Your Message

Bakeries should be informing customers throughout their various channels. This includes their website, social media such as Facebook & Instagram, and newsletters or text message (depending on your customer list type and availability).

Messaging should be calming and concise, with an emphasis on convenience and improving their experience. You can then highlight safety precautions your company has made in an effort to reduce the spread and mitigate risk.

Government Response

As always, any strategy your bakery or restaurant implements should be in accordance with guidance and mandates provided by your local, state, and federal government agencies.

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For an overview of our current response to the COVID-19, novel coronavirus outbreak, please click here.


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