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Cookie Machines

We are the leaders in cookie production equipment

Cookie Machine Offerings from Erika Record Baking Equipment

Erika Record Baking Equipment is pleased to offer a wide variety of cookie machines that will help bakers increase production of their cookie products. Our cookie machine lineup includes machines perfect for rich and buttery doughs (Janssen Rotary Cookie Machine), Traditional chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies (Formatic Cookie Machines) and macaroons (MONO Omega Touch Confectionery Depositor).

For more information, please call our bakery equipment sales office and showroom at: 800.682.8203 or click here.

Erika Record Cookie Machines


The Formatic lineup of Cookie Machines includes the versatile R-Series, Traymatic and D12,000. These machines are perfect for hard doughs both with or without particulates.


The Janssen K-Series of Cookie Machines are perfect for processing short-dough type of cookies. This includes butter cookies and those with intricate designs and details.


The MONO Epsilon Table Top and Omega Series lines of Confectionery Depositors are perfect for creating a variety of pastries and cookies. This also includes traditional cookies such as Chocolate Chip with the Omega Plus Wire-Cut.

We Are the Leading Distributor of Cookie Machines
& Confectionery Depositor Bakery Equipment