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The Industry Leader In Planetary, Bridge Shape Mixers

Tonelli Industrial Planetary Mixing Solutions

Erika Record Baking Equipment is pleased to be an official distributor of Tonelli. Finely crafted in Italy, Tonelli is an industry leader in the manufacturing of mixing technology solutions. This includes high capacity, bridge shaped vertical planetary mixers.

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Why Vertical Planetary Mixers?

Tonelli Vertical Planetary Mixers are ideal for production facilities using multiple, traditional style planetary mixers to makes batches of the same product(s). Our solution enables you to condense valuable floor space, achieve greater consistency, and maximize efficiency by reducing mixing times.


Tonelli Vertical Planetary Mixers include the following standard features:


Twin Tool System

Ability to change between single attachment to twin attachment operation.


Interchangeable Mixing Attachments

Quickly and easily swap any available attachment/tool for another.


Programmable Controls

Computerized programming with an ability to store up to 50 configurations/recipes.


Durable Construction

European build, crafted with high quality materials and industry leading engineering.


Sanitary Design

Hygienic design that facilitates cleaning of all components which come in contact with product. This includes the ability to wash down components with pressurized equipment and/or integration with C.I.P. washing circuits.


Industry Leading Scraping

Tonelli’s industry leading scraper design facilitates perfect scraping throughout the mixing process.
This ensures the mixture is continuously directed towards the mixing attachment(s); thus speeding up the mixing process, and increasing efficiency.

Available Capacity

Higher Capacities & Custom Solutions Available Upon Request


120 Liter


200 Liter


300 Liter


Higher Capacities

Higher capacities available upon request.

Available Options

Tonelli Vertical Planetary Mixers can be purchased with the following available options:


Dual Motor Configuration

Enables you to have independent control over both the revolution of the mixer attachments and their rotation within the mixer bowl. This enables increased parameter options when programming recipes.


Automatic Feeding

Automatic feeding and dosing of both liquids and ingredients using a variety of available systems. This includes magnetic or mass flow meters, gravitational feeders, etc. This is available on the 200 liter model or higher, with a margin of error of +/- 3%.


Product Transfer Systems

This includes customized solutions designed to address your specific product(s). Available components include pumps, pneumatic systems, bowl lifters and tilters, ejectors, and robotic systems.


Additional Attachments

A wide variety of additional attachments/tools are available for enhanced versatility and expanded production solutions.



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