How To Effectively Slice Delicate Baked Goods

by Erika Record Baking Equipment

On this edition of Baker’s Insight, Craig Kominiak, a Sales Consultant with Erika Record Baking Equipment discusses how to slice delicate baked goods in a mass production bakery environment.

Challenges In Slicing Delicate Baked Goods

The challenges one experiences when slicing delicate baked goods often increases when you are in a mass production, high volume bakery environment. When in a retail environment, one can simply cut freshly baked items such as cheese cake, cream cakes and napoleons by hand; being sure to wipe their knife blade clean in between each pass.

However, when in a mass production environment it becomes increasingly difficult to cut these items fresh. Normally these delicate baked goods are cut via a guillotine style slicer. In an attempt to mitigate damage, these products are baked and then frozen solid prior to being sliced. These baked goods must be frozen to ensure that the product does not get damaged by the force of the guillotine blade; which slams down hard onto the product in order to get a clean cut. Upon slicing these baked goods are traditionally put back in the freezer and processed for shipping.

In contrast, being able to slice the product fresh would eliminate the need for freezing after baking. This would increase production output and eliminate down time between baking and slicing while the product was being frozen, eliminating the initial freezing process. The challenge in slicing products fresh is that delicate baked goods often have layers of varying consistency such as creme sandwiched between different layers of cake and/or fruit filling. Erika Record Baking Equipment offers equipment such as the KRUMBEIN TKSM – Vertical Cake Slicer that are computerized and feature the ability to control blade speed and pressure through out the slicing process. The result is that one can slice these delicate baked goods fresh without having to worry about damage or loss of product; streamlining the production and distribution process.

Accuracy & Precision

When slicing in a high volume production environment, accuracy and precision are key. In comparison to its human counterpart, mechanical slicers ensure that each piece will be sliced consistently each and every time regardless of the machine’s operator. This is especially true when utilizing a slicer that is computer programmable.

Clean Blades

When slicing delicate baked goods, especially those with creme or filling, it is important to ensure that the blade is always clean. Slicing your product with a blade that has residue from the previous slice will result in an imperfect slice and will often leave residue on your product.

About Craig Kominiak

Craig Kominiak is an CIA (Culinary Institute of America) educated baker and has been with Erika Record Baking Equipment since 2008. Craig has 30 years of experience working in a variety of bakery production environments. This includes hospitality and wholesale distribution operations. This unique blend of experience enables Craig to understand the various challenges facing bakers industry-wide. Currently, Craig serves as a regular contributor to Baker’s Insight and provides expert guided support as a Sales Consultant with Erika Record Baking Equipment.

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