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Baking Late

Diners aren’t the only places catering to the late-night crowd! Bake Magazine provides some insight on how more bakeries are finding success by offering after hour menus. READ IT

The Benefits of Baking

Baking is your passion, but did you know there are tons of mental health benefits that go along with the skill? The Huffington Post and a team of psychologists discuss the positive effects of being a baker! READ IT

The tip jar is all about sharing the advice, tips, knowledge, and products our bakers turned sales consultants, find useful when they go hands-on in The Bakery at Erika Record.

Pan Scrapers

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning a dirty pot or pan. While you may typically reach for the nearest butter knife, spatula or other tool turned cleaning device, this can cause damage to either your cookware or gear. This nylon pan scraper from The Pampered Chef changes that. Durable enough to scrape off any burnt, caked-on food from pots or pans; yet gentle enough not to cause damage – you’ll find yourself using this both in the bakery and at home.

“I was given this tool as a product sample during an industry event and have used it ever since,” said Craig Kominiak an experienced baker and sales consultant with Erika Record Baking Equipment. “It’s smaller than a post-it note, but I use it on a regular basis both while at home and in the bakery,” continued Craig.

If you’re interested and want to learn more or get your own, click here to visit The Pampered Chef website.

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Whether it’s bread, cakes, cookies or donuts, we couldn’t help but catch a craving after looking at these delectable Instagram posts!

Palazzone 1960

This isn’t your average cream puff! Light and airy with a rich cream filling, this #ZeppolediSanGiuseppe or Saint Joseph’s Cream Puff is making us hungry. For more follow @Palazzone_1960 on Instagram.

Choc O Pain Bakery & Cafe

#EasterBrioche never looked so good! This flavorful twist on a classic brioche arrived just in time for Easter. For more follow @chocopainbakery on Instagram.

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Did you know our team regularly produces videos in a series we like to call Baker’s Insight? These videos showcase production of various baked goods featuring our talented team of bakers!

In this episode, our host Dan DaRocha and Christopher Houle, an experienced baker and sales consultant at Erika Record Baking Equipment discuss traditional Challah and touch upon a slight variation, the Italian Easter Bread. Watch the process from start to finish and be sure to get our bonus recipe!

We love meeting bakers! Here is a peak at some of our upcoming events.

NRA Show 2017

Are you in the Chicago area? Our team will be exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association Show on May 20 – 23 at McCormmick Place.

In addition to providing one-on-one consultations, attendees can have the opportunity to view some of our key equipment options including confectionery depositors, cookie machines, divider/rounders, mixers, sheeters, and slicers.

Our booth will be located in Lakeside Center, Booth#: 10902. Have a particular solution or production need you would like to discuss in advance? Please click here to contact us. We’re always here to help! ???? ????????


Did you know we offer awesome equipment to help make life in the bakery easier? Whether it is bread, cookies or some other confectionery delight, we have a bakery equipment solution that can make a difference!

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