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For over 30 years, Frisch Spritzmatic has been a leading manufacturer of glazing, spraying, and enrobing equipment. This includes machines specifically designed for fondant.

Erika Record baking Equipment equipment is an exclusive distributor of Frisch Spritzmatic. For more information, please call our bakery equipment sales office and showroom at 800.682.8203 or click here.

Combino Line

Glazing and Spraying Line | Fondant Equipment | Bakery Equipment | Donut Production

• Modular stations
• Easy and fast product changeover
• Interchangeable stations for spraying or glazing
• Heating high-temperature tunnel for best results
• Adjustable conveyor speed
• Convenient and easy cleaning

The COMBINO system provides excellent decoration for pastries and
confectionery – glazing or gel-coating.

With the COMBINO conveyor system, you can guarantee the perfect appearance
of your products, even demanding ones such as puff pastry or berliners.

The modular decorating stations can be used for different purposes and/or
upgraded with other modules if necessary.

COMBINO fulfills the requirements of the world’s leading bakeries with regard to
economy and quality of operation


Glazing and Spraying Line | Fondant Equipment | Bakery Equipment | Donut Production

• Modular stations
• Adjustable conveyor speed
• Laser product sensor
• Directional or nebulized spraying station
• Reversible conveyor option (for single operator operation)
• Compact dimensions – 100×100 cm | 39.37 x 39.37″
• Conveyor belt working width of 600 mm | 23.62″
• The latest technology for fast cleaning.

The SMARTLINE conveyor system is a compact station of only 1 square meter
that will fit in the smallest bakery.

It is the best choice when it comes to the speed and accuracy of cold
application of products such as egg melange or butter for greasing baking
trays and molds.

With a simple change of application station, the line can be adapted to
individual tasks such as glazing or pouring gel.


Fondant Sprayer | Bakery Equipment | Glazing Equipment

• Convenient touchscreen panel
• Two 15 liter tanks;
• Two independent heating systems for each material
• Works with a variety of products
• Delicate heating with water heater
• Innovative water cleaning system
• Model available in tabletop version

The MIDI-JET provides a smooth and even coating of gel, apricot jam or

With the MIDI-JET, a special heating system is used to economically heat
only as much product as is actually needed. This means that the quality of
the remaining product remains unimpaired. The result: long-lasting
freshness, shimmering, appetizing appearance.