Welcome To the Baker’s Lab at Erika Record!

The Baker’s Lab is our equipment showroom and test facility. A baker’s dream, the lab serves as a playground that enables bakers to learn more about our bakery equipment solutions. Discover what works best and move forward with confidently purchasing your next piece of equipment from our team.

Bakery Equipment Demonstrations

A Hands-On Approach

We offer a hands-on, consultative approach towards selling bakery equipment. We strive to provide a worry-free purchasing experience without hesitation of regrets. As a result, we offer equipment demonstrations as a recommended part of our purchasing experience. This includes both in-person and remote testing options.

Discover What Works Best

The Baker’s Lab is a complete showroom and test facility that allows bakers to discover and experience a wide variety of baking equipment options that are available for purchase.

Bakers are able to interact with both our team and equipment to find what will work best. Regardless of what product your bakery prepares, we will try our absolute best to find a solution that can help address your production requirements.

On-Staff Technical Baker

All demonstrations are supervised by our experienced, on-staff technical baker who can provide greater insight regarding your demonstration and methodologies.

Proof of Concept

Our demonstration process also enables bakers to conduct a proof of concept when it comes to mechanizing and automating production. This is extremely helpful when transitioning from an all manual production method to mechanized methods. This also includes a detailed test report.

Remote Testing & Virtual Demonstrations

We happily accommodate customers who are unable to visit the Baker’s Lab in person. Clients can send us their recipe and ingredients for a demonstration on the equipment they are interested in purchasing.

We also provide video footage of the demonstration as well as a detailed test report completed by our on staff technical baker.



A Written Recipe In Either Imperial or Metric Formats

This recipe should be weight based, not volume based – baker’s percentage is preferred.


Product Considerations

We must also be prepared to consider any variable in your product this may include dough hydration for bread tests, particulates and spread for cookie tests, and/or coveture in chocolate tests. Each test is a unique experience for both you and our team.

A Clear Understanding of Your Current Production Process

This includes a highly detailed, written explanation of procedures and methodologies.

Willingness To Send Ingredients

We may ask that you send ingredients to our West Caldwell, NJ facility for demonstration (this may require scaling your recipe to fit each machine’s minimum test requirement). These ingredients should be tightly sealed and secured prior to shipping.

Understanding of Your Overall Equipment Budget

Prior to testing, we kindly ask that you have a determination of your overall equipment budget. This includes anticipating your ability to move forward with a purchase, should our solutions provide favorable testing results.