Where's the Butter?

Exploring various French Baguette production methods...

Episode Description

Join us as our host Dan DaRocha and Craig Kominiak, an experienced baker and Sales Consultant at Erika Record Baking Equipment explore the various production methods for producing French Baguettes. This includes solutions for startup, retail and wholesale bakeries.

Metric Recipe



9.04 kg


Bread Flour

13.12 kg


Yeast (Dry)





Standard Recipe



19.95 lb.


Bread Flour

28.92 lb.


Yeast (Dry)

.20 lb.



.66 lb.


Mix Ingredients

Combine ingredients into a large Spiral Mixer, mixing for 4 minutes on low and 3 minutes on high.

Bulk Proof

After mixing a bulk proof is done for about 45 minutes. This bulk dough is then flipped and allowed to rest for another 30 minutes.


Using either a manual or mechanized process, divide the dough into 1 lb. – 1 lb. 2 oz. pieces.


Allow dough to have a resting period of approximately 15 – 20 minutes. This will allow the glutens to relax prior to shaping.


Using either a manual or mechanized process mould the divided pieces into long, baguette length pieces.


We recommend retarding overnight for approximately 8 – 12 hours. This will help the dough develop character including flavor and air pockets.


Scoring helps give baguettes their signature look. In addition, it also helps direct the flow as the bread expands during the baking process. This can help avoid “blowouts.”


Baking may vary according to your production environment (factors include temperature, altitude and humidity). In our facility we baked at 400° F (200° C) for approximately 20 – 30 minutes. We also applied steam during the beginning of the baking process to help develop a nice crust.

Cool & Serve

Enjoy your freshly baked French Baguettes either fresh out of the oven or with butter. Yields approximately 45 – 50 loaves.

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