The Benefit of Vertical Planetary Mixers Compared to Traditional Planetary Mixers

Vertical planetary mixers are powerful workhorses that can help streamline production in wholesale and industrial bakeries. Designed for high output and superior results, these machines help mix and process product in record time. Via our partnership with Tonelli, Erika Record Baking Equipment offers vertical planetary mixers that can replace up to three traditional planetary mixers.

How Are Vertical Planetary Mixers Faster?

Multiple Mixing Tools & Attachments
Tonelli mixers are built with twin mixing tools in various shapes and sizes catered to maximize efficiency for specific products. Paired with a built-in bowl scraper and with nearly 3x the rotational speed of a traditional planetary mixer, Tonelli’s can cut down mixing time significantly.

Pressurized Bowl
These machines also feature a sealed, pressurized mixing bowl. When utilizing this feature, the mixing time for products that require aeration, such as whipped cream, is significantly reduced.

These technological advancements enable you to mix product in a fraction of the time.

Streamlined Processing & Handling

Depending on your baking operation’s complexity, these industrial planetary mixers can also be interconnected with ingredient handling and product transfer systems.

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