Test Baker’s Corner – Blueberry Quickbread

Hey there, Folks!

I’m Dafina, the Test Baker here at Erika Record.

In these times of fear, instability, and uncertainty, I try to keep busy doing things that soothe the soul. Sometimes we need a break from the serious nature of the current climate.

When we were free to roam, I had an amazing blueberry muffin at a bakery. I decided to grab random ingredients and throw them together to make a loaf version of that muffin. During self-quarantine, on-hand ingredients are limited. I needed about a cup of blueberries. I had almost a cup leftover so why not just throw that in? Right?

The moisture of the extra 75% of blueberries caused an unappealing concave in my lovely golden loaf. I really should have known better but, couldn’t help myself. So, epic fail on the outcome but the crust was delicious! Every loaf can’t be a winner.
We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.
Stay tuned, must perfect this recipe while on lockdown 😉

Be safe people!