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A lot of articles cross our workbench each month, here are a few that we think are worthy of a click!


Bread Might Not Be So Bad Afterall…

In a recent study, researchers highlight why white bread might actually be better than wheat! READ IT!


When a Bagel Meets a Dinner Roll

Explore this interesting technique for producing dinner rolls. READ IT!

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We are absolutely fascinated by this behind the scenes look at what goes into cutting food in half by food artists Charlotte Omnès and Beth Galton!

Whether it’s bread, cakes, cookies or donuts, we couldn’t help but catch a craving after looking at these delectable Instagram posts!

These chocolate chip cannolis are both gluten and nut free, and chock full of flavor! For more follow @AJBakery on Instagram.

Look who is back with matcha tea, white chocolate cookies! For more follow @BakehouseOrlando on Instagram.

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Did you know our team regularly produces videos in that showcase production of various baked goods featuring our talented team of bakers?

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, we opened our doors as we participated in the Bread Bakers Guild of America National Open House Those who attended were treated to baking sessions for artisan bread, French Macarons, and chocolate chip cookies! Here’s a quick recap of that event!

Erika Record Baking Equipment is pleased to announce that we are an exclusive distributor of Tagliavini commercial ovens. Finely crafted in Italy, Tagliavini offers baking solutions for both retail and wholesale/industrial markets.

This includes combinationconvectiondeckracktunnel ovens, as well as manual and computerized loading systems. These ovens are designed for round-the-clock production and feature available technology such as cyclothermic, digital controls, dual gas and electric operation, and steam-tube configurations.

We also offer affordable in-store options for supermarkets as well as restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and other hospitality industries. This includes convectioncombinationdeck, and rack oven solutions designed for these markets.

Did you know we offer awesome equipment to help make life in the bakery easier? Whether it is bread, cookies or some other confectionery delight, we have a bakery equipment solution that can make a difference!

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